A.J. Mahari is a Counselor, Trauma Recovery Coach, and a BPD Recovery Coach. She has 30 years experience in working with clients with BPD, Ex's of BPD or NPD, Loved ones of BPD or NPD. Cluster B abuse recovery and other types of abuse recovery. 

A.J. also works with clients and provides information for those who are empaths, codependents, or who have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She also does Family of Origin work and Self Differentiation with clients who will benefit from this along with inner child healing. Not everything that emotionally wounds is just about "flashbacks" and that emotional literacy is the "simple" and as some advertise, the "quick and cheap" healing route.

Video Series

Various In Depth Video Series

Audios & Ebooks

Information to Help You in Recovery

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Codependency Recovery


A.J.'s general videos on the subject of understanding and recovery from Codependency.



A.J.'s general videos on the subject of Borderline Personality for Ex's and Loved Ones, Adult Children of someone with BPD. In depth course and online groups related videos will be elsewhere on this site for members.

Narcissistic Abuse

& CPTSD Recovery


A.J.'s general videos about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the abuse so many are or have suffered.CPTSD info & more in the members area of this site.